Why do we try to avoid inevitable things?

Why do we cling to habits?

Why do we find it so hard to have a healthy relationship with change?

Most of us struggle with things that we cannot change, such as the inevitability of death. We also struggle with things that we can change, like finding a more meaningful job, a happier relationship or dealing with ethical issues such as buying fair-trade clothes.

To try and discover why we are this way, author Claus Mikosch went on a journey. He travelled to four different countries and talked to eight very different people: A mother, a school teacher, a rapper, a Buddhist, a yoga teacher, a clown, an ex-banker turned sailor and a funeral celebrant.

Anicca is a very personal, honest and inspirational documentary about key issues regarding our struggle with change: fear, courage, trust and the big challenge of accepting reality as it is.

The film takes a critical look at our tendency to cling to the familiar and shows that everything is impermanent, that nothing ever stays the same. To face the unknown, to create a better world and become happy we must, as people and as a society, learn to EMBRACE CHANGE!


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